Floresca - Basharkhah, L.P.
Floresca-Basharkhah Partners, L.P. was established as a new corporation in April 2002. This was a result of a merger between two existing consulting engineering firms. This strategic partnership utilizes synergies from the combined firms to achieve and complete large-scale contracts.

Floresca-Basharkhah Partners, L.P. has the unique mixture of the old and new. We have the experience and the stability of long established frim mixed with the energy and the can-do attitude of a young firm. We believe that this attitude has been a major contributing feature to our steady and continuing growth.

We have built our organization on the philosophy of exceptional service at a competitive cost. This mantra has served us well as evidenced by the quantity of repeat business. Our client list includes not only reputable architectural firms, but major local corporations. We have successfully completed the engineering design on new and renovation projects as well as the troubleshooting and investigation on projects for clients thoughtout the United States and Mexico.

Our goal is to deliver a coordinated project in accordance to the needs of the final user. Our design team has worked together on several similar projects and has developed the understanding and communication skills to assure their individual trades are well coordinated with the works of other trades. In addition, each project is reviewed by members of another design team before it is finally released.
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